Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Kills Every NPC In Act 1 & Stores Them In One House

During Baldur's Gate 3's gameplay, players engage in all kinds of creative and bizarre activities, from unique builds to intense roleplays and everything

During Baldur’s Gate 3’s gameplay, players engage in all kinds of creative and bizarre activities, from unique builds to intense roleplays and everything in between. For a player, they embrace the ideas they come up with, let their imagination run wild, and become part of one of the most epic assassinations ever seen.

One Player’s Taken the Murder Hobo Trope to the Extreme

Obsessed with murder is Redditor u/caufenkamp, who shared his approach to romance on the official Baldur’s Get subreddit. In his photographs, we see a massive pile of bodies, collected by killing every NPC encountered during Act 1 of the game. He also shared an image of the ongoing work with various stages of completion of the room. Indeed, this was the rumor of his murder spree reaching home.

As you might expect, other users have started commenting on this player’s attitude towards the game. The top comment read, “Some people choose to play aggressively, this guy is outspoken.” Others shared similar comments. Some favorable comments were, “Homi is coming across as the darkest assertiveness” and “That’s the most appalling form of blind and dark assertiveness anyone can do, isn’t it?” In a commentary, a grim but amusing account of the player’s efforts was provided, highlighting how they had accumulated bodies in one area, incinerated minds in another, and created havoc among the humans in their territory.

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It’s certainly one way to play Baldur’s Gate 3, and it’s not the only notable perspective or approach we’ve seen since the game’s release. Lately, we’ve had a player who harnessed the power of weight and height to inflict significant damage with WWE-style attacks, or a player who’s formed a summoner party and engaged in battle with hordes of ghosts. Has happened.

We can expect to see more of the players as they prepare for other bigger challenges within the game. However, I don’t know how players will get past their Murder House, but who knows, maybe they’ll be able to integrate it within the game in some way.

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