Starfield Fans Fear As Review Bombers Allegedly Prep To Tank Score

Starfield Fans Fear As Review Bombers Allegedly Prep To Tank Score

With the rapid pace of Starfield’s release, players are excited to join the space epic when it launches next month. However, for some individuals, attempting to spoil the enjoyment of others seems far more enjoyable.

In a brazen, albeit futile attempt, some users have announced their intention to review an upcoming game with the aim of lowering its review score, and some fans worry they might be a little over the top.

Salty Players Are Publicly Declaring Their Intentions to Review Bomb Bethesda’s Newest Title

In recent days users on social media like Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) have proposed their plans to show themselves review bombed Starfield, Bethesda’s new game, with the ultimate aim being to troll or destroy it. Will create the illusion that the game is useless. Naturally, some fans have raised concerns about how this might affect the game’s receipts, but just as many are joking or pointing out how dumb this probably is.

On Reddit, u/OhManIforgotMyBrain totally understands this sentiment, saying, “I don’t understand why so many people are so committed to ruining bgs. If you don’t like their game, play it.” Don’t play, let the rest of us enjoy it.” Others share this viewpoint as well and discuss possible reasons, such as the game being an Xbox exclusive or the ongoing “console wars” debate, but regardless, most users seemed confused by the need to be negative.

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For those unaware of it, review bombing can be described as the act of posting negative reviews about a media product (such as gaming), by a large number of people or by a few people over a period of time. it occurs. Its purpose is to draw attention to potential problems, show dissatisfaction with the product, negatively reflect a product’s message or attitude that may be associated with political or cultural attitudes, or in many cases, just be negative and spoil the enjoyment of others. It is possible.

This is not unique in gaming today, and can sometimes be justified, such as when a particularly broken game is being released or if a developer is making a very opposite consumer decision. At the same time, it is often used as a way to damage people’s enjoyment or simply make it negative, so if something like this happens in large enough quantities, praise for the reviews is given. Or look at materials that make up respectable and sensitive materials.

Or, you can get the game you’ve been longing for, enjoy it the way you want, and ignore the negativity. In fact, make him do just that.

Starfield will release on PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6. Players who purchase the premium version will get a chance to play with five days of pre-access on September 1st.

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